Energy Recovery Council and OSHA Have Formed an Alliance (Hauler Safety)

Voluntary Partnership Allows Waste-to-Energy Association and OSHA to Partner to Bring Important Resources to the Public


SAFETY: DO IT FOR LIFE.   The Hauler Safety Campaign.

Through the ERC-OSHA Alliance Agreement, the Energy Recovery Council (ERC) and OSHA have launched a Hauler Safety Campaign to educate public and private waste haulers, municipal and private owners and operators, and facility employees about best health and safety practices to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. This campaign addresses the complexities of ensuring workplace safety of individuals that frequent the waste-to-energy workplace, yet are not employees.

The campaign celebrates June as Hauler Safety Month.  The campaign was launched in Connecticut in June 2006, and ERC and OSHA have taken the campaign nationwide in 2007.    The official kickoff celebration took place on June 13 at Covanta's Fairfax, VA waste-to-energy facility and featured speakers from OSHA, the waste-to-energy industry, the solid waste industry, Fairfax County, the Voluntary Protection Program Participants' Association, and Virginia state Senator Jay O'Brien.  Most other ERC-member facilities will host hauler appreciation days, which will focus on the safety of haulers as they visit waste-to-energy plants.

Hauler and employee work habits will be monitored as part of the program to determine the campaign’s effectiveness. The campaign will be marked by an underlying and unifying theme that answers the question why a hauler should make safety an integral part of his work. By engaging individual haulers with a personal message, the campaign seeks to keep safety at the forefront and provide the necessary tools and education to haulers for safe working practices.

The cornerstone of the campaign is a visual message of haulers with their loved ones, with the headline of “I DO IT FOR…”

The 12 Rules of
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